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It’s Daniel’s birthday today and if you could see us right now – you would notice that I’m (Hanna) probably more excited about his birthday than he is :) Here are some fun facts I thought you should know about this awesome birthday-boy. He’s been my Husband for 5 years and my best friend for life!
Daniel once collected stamps. His favourite drinks are Caipirinha and pour over coffee.
He’s been playing music since he was 16 in a band with his brothers. He learned to ride a scooter in Phnom Pen and just after 2 days his favourite sport was trying to find shortcuts through the crazy traffic there.
He wanted to be a pilot once – (he tried but it didn’t work out … but he is now the best photography teacher I have ever known).
Before we go out to eat with our clients he reads reviews about various restaurants and chooses the best one. He always does some thorough ground work before we buy something new or even choose our next holiday destination. He was a lazy student at school and almost didn’t pass his exams, but finished his education with an A. He drowned his first camera while surfing in Spain.
Daniel is good at learning new things: he learned my love language and hides gifts for me all around the house. He is the most patient guy I know and he never seeks the spotlight.

He is kind, has nice things to say about other people and is a great listener. He cooks and bakes (which makes me extremely happy)! He loves to serve people with his gifts and loves them.

I love being on this adventure called life with him and can’t wait to see what God has in store for him this coming year! Happy birthday Daniel! I love you!

Forever yours

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