Josua & Maresa at Joshua Tree National Park | California USA

Josua & Maresa at Joshua Tree National Park | California USA

There are not many people we could spend 3 straight weeks with on holiday but with Josua & Maresa it’s a  whole different story. We actually live together in one house – the guys play in the same band and Maresa and I dance together. So yes, they are two of our very favorite people on earth!
So, we shared our holiday with them (and part of it also with Daniel’s other awesome siblings – more about that here). Together we explored some parts of California and it was fun! If you have never been to this phenomenal part of USA, you should really go. It’s so worth it. The light and the scenery are just breathtaking!

We stopped at the Joshua Tree National park to find the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. Also starring along with J&M is this  stunning tulle skirt ‚Mathilda‘ from Noni. Thank you dear team Noni for lending us the skirt. <3

Here’s to having awesome friends!

Daniel & Hanna

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