Lovebirds – Ben & Julia | Cornwall

Lovebirds - Ben & Julia | Cornwall

Being joyful and showing happiness is something we highly value. And as Hanna wrote on Instagram some days ago:
Happiness is more than just a word that comes quickly over our lips. It’s a deep feeling. A satisfaction in our heart. Knowing that we’re loved and accepted. No matter what.When we look at the pictures that Hanna took in Cornwall we see this happiness. We see two people that count on each other. We feel the sense of belonging, acceptance and love. As cheesy at it may sound. Although Ben and Julia are together since many years they are two people totally in love.
Ben didn’t stop looking at his beauty (yes – they are newly engaged), he told her sweet things what he loved about her. They didn’t hesitate to show their affection for each other in front of the camera.

Julia just had eyes for her Ben. And together they had fun!!! Ione did a wonderful job in styling them.

Ben and Julia – thank you for being so in love. For showing your feeling and having fun with Hanna during the photo session!!! We wish you all the best for your business (they are videographers) and for you’re life journey ahead!

Much love
Daniel & Hanna


Lovebirds - Ben & Julia | Cornwall

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