Lovebirds - Ben & Julia | Cornwall

Lovebirds – Ben & Julia | Cornwall

Being joyful and showing happiness is something we highly value. And as Hanna wrote on Instagram some days ago: Happiness is more than just a word that comes quickly over our lips. It’s a deep feeling. A satisfaction in our heart. Knowing that we’re loved and accepted. No matter what.

Wedding Photography Cornwall

Vision workshop | Cornwall

Little did I know that when I signed up for the workshop in November 2016 that this few days will change how I view life in general. Actually it was a Vision Workshop for your business but we all know: you can’t separate yourself from business.

Why I hated my birthday in January

Why I hated my birthday in January

January is my birthday month. As a child I used to hate celebrating my birthday in January, because it was cold, because it meant that I often only got one big present for Christmas and my birthday combined; because we would have just finished celebrating a big festival and nobody was in the mood to […]

Monday minute: Born for this

While growing up I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to have such wonderful parents. My dad is an electrical engineer who spent most of his time traveling, visiting clients and fixing things for them. Loving God and having found what his heart was searching for, he was/is a real servant to people.

Monday minute: We love weddings, BUT ...

Monday minute: We love weddings, BUT …

Hi friends! You are about to read a post straight from our hearts about weddings. We love weddings in general. Celebrating a couple’s love for each other and their promise to spend the rest of their lives together makes our heart so happy, BUT! There are some ‚BUTs‘ we’d like you to consider when planning […]

Monday minute: You have the wrong job

„You have the wrong job! You are too short to be a photographer!“ This was what a wedding guest told me at one of our recent weddings. Those words literally pierced me. They hurt me.

Monday minute: It's all about the why

Monday minute: It’s all about the why

It’s all about the why. Your why should be bigger than your what!I couldn’t have asked for a better start into 2016. Seriously, January was so awesome!