Why I hated my birthday in January

Why I hated my birthday in January

January is my birthday month. As a child I used to hate celebrating my birthday in January, because it was cold, because it meant that I often only got one big present for Christmas and my birthday combined; because we would have just finished celebrating a big festival and nobody was in the mood to celebrate again.
But as I grew older (yes – I’m 30 now), I’m beginning to like it, because I like new beginnings. Starting a new calendar year, also means starting a new year of my life. I write down my goals and my dreams. I think about the vision I have for my life and thank God for all the goodness he has placed in my little world.
Here are just 5 things I’m thankful for (while I celebrate my birthday at a warm place in South Africa … so this problem was solved this year):
– I serve a God who doesn’t see my limitations but my potential
– I have friends and family I love dearly and who love me back
– I get to spend my life with Daniel (Exactly 7 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend)
– Daniel and I have our own photography business and this makes me so happy
– Daniel surprised me with gifts and love letters between Christmas and my birthday

As much as I’m devoted to setting new goals, I like to reflect – because when you reflect you can see all the good things that’ve happened in life. The little things you’ve already forgotten. The things that still bring a smile on your face or make you relive that feeling again.

This is a list of the big milestones in my 20s:
– completed my education as a kindergarten teacher
– lived in Israel for 11 months
– got engaged
– moved into a flat with two of my friends
– served at church in the youth ministry
– was the head of a kindergarten for 3,5 years
– got married to the best husband
– got a degree in Organisation & Leadership
– started our photography business
– went to Cambodia with Daniel for 4 months to serve the people there.
– moved to Stuttgart
– visited Israel, Jordan, Italy, California, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Tenerife, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Croatia, Greece, India, Netherlands, Portugal
– moved into a house with my best friend and brother-in-law (and Daniel :)

When I look back at all the things that have happened so far, it doesn’t fill my head with pride, it makes me very thankful and shows me the grace God poured into my life. I’m so excited to start my 30s now! I know that God has great things in store for me and even for you, dear reader.
I pray, that this year for you, will be a year where you see God’s blessing on your life. As I begin this new year my prayer is that you will find Jesus. He is the rock in my life, the one I can always hold on to and I pray you will let him be yours too!

Happy January friends!
Love, Hanna

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2 Comments on “Why I hated my birthday in January

  1. Liebe Hanna,
    Es ist so bewegend das zu lesen….
    Mit dankbaren Herzen schaue ich auf die 30 Jahre zurück.
    Ich bin so stolz auf dich !
    Und freue mich mit dir!
    Und es war noch viiiiel kälter im Jahre 1987….und zwar -30c
    Ich hab dich , deine Mama

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