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Little did I know that when I signed up for the workshop in November 2016 that this few days will change how I view life in general. Actually it was a Vision Workshop for your business but we all know: you can’t separate yourself from business.
So I spent 3 days with 4 strangers and Nadia & Eddy (which I already knew and spent time with while we were in Capetown at the beginning of the year). But these 4 strangers didn’t stay strangers – they became friends in just this little time that we had together. Yes. You can become friends in just 3 days.

For three days we shared a house, meals, stories, dreams and goals with each other. The goal behind the workshop was to find your `Why` for your business. But in order to find it we needed to dig deep into our heart, soul and memory. Really deep. There was a lot of laughters and many tears involved and none of us left the same as we came! The girls opened their lives and hearts, even though we didn’t know each other two days before. Each girl has been so honest and made themselves vulnerable, opened up in a deep way and invited us into their lives.

Samira – you heart is beautiful. You form words in the most impressive and magnificent way. Thank you for your joyful spirit!
Carmen – your honesty is pure. Thanks for not hiding the parts which are not always easy for you. I like your humour and sarcasm!
Kitty – (I’m not going to cry while I say this), but I’m so glad I met you. Even though we live just two hours apart it took a workshop in Cornwall to let our ways cross. I like you humour, sincerity and realistic view of life!
Diana – you beautiful diamond. I enjoyed it so much listening to you. You are a mindful listener and selfless caretaker of others. You are precious!
Eddy – you made us enjoy each meal so much. Thank you for your serving heart and for hanging out with us crazy girls!
Nadia – what should I say. Thank you for the friendship. From the deep talks which we had in Capetown to the challenging questions you asked during the one-on-one session at the workshop: I admire your honesty, self love and how you view life in general. Thank you for being authentic and holding nothing back. Thank you for letting us be part of your life. Thank you for not settling for less than what God created you to be!

If you’re reading this and you don’t know your `Why` for life or your business, you need to attend this workshop. For real!!!!
But don’t wait until you can attend it. You can start today. Ask yourself why you do the things you do. What is the reason behind it? What is your purpose behind you being here on this earth? And in being true to yourself and becoming the person you were created to be, you will be a blessing to the people around you. Just like this girls are a blessing in my life.

Much love from the very happy Hanna :)

Thank you Nadia for letting me include your photos in my blogpost <3

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